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La Barraca US is a project of cultural diffusion of the Latin heritage in the United States, through literature, art, crafts, music and gastronomy.The United States is a diverse country in which its greatness is based on the cultural heritage of its communities, so in La Barraca we have as a mission to contribute from our Latin American cultural heritage to the greatness of that great nation of freedom.

La Barraca (The Barrack) has many meanings but one of the most used is the name given to the place where the soldiers of the army live, that is why under this concept we as soldiers of Latin American culture in the United States from this enclosure We want to promote and defend our heritage, fighting to maintain the civil rights of immigrants in the search for a world without borders where cultures are integrated and respected to enhance our humanity.

In La Barraca US Bookstore you can find the most complete selection of authors and writers of Hispanic origin in Spanish and English versions if they are available. Writers, poets awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature to contemporary authors with such current topics as the lives of immigrants within the United States.

At La Barraca US Coffee Shop we work with the coffee producers of the most important Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and others, ensuring quality of products for our clients, but also strengthening the communities around this industry that work hard. to have the best coffee on our tables.

In La Barraca US Gift Shop you can find a large selection of promotional products related to reading books, consuming coffee and promoting our brand such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, bookmarks, postcards, posters, part of the profit. of these products is destined to strengthen and promote the reading and culture in general of Latin American countries with low economic resources when buying any product from La Barraca US they are contributing to the strengthening of this noble cause.

In La Barraca US we promote through Rustikane, a company associated with us, the manufacture of rustic wooden articles for the storage and display of everything related to wine and coffee (see in gallery) this work allows us to help local wood craftsmen promoting work and development in this sector, these products are unique and handcrafted with love and effort so that they can occupy a special place in your home.

All services in La Barraca US are designed to promote and integrate the most important aspects of Latin American culture in literature, gastronomy, crafts and art in general in the United States, as a Latin American cultural movement within the country we are proud to be part of that wonderful cultural melting pot that represents this wonderful country, land of immigrants, on behalf of all the people who participate in this Latin American cultural movement in the United States we thank you for all your constant support.
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