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Unroasted Green Coffee

Hello, how are you? My name is Chris Duffoo and I am in charge of the commercial department of RUSTIKANE COFFEE, Our company represents a group of coffee producers from the Intibuca region in Honduras. Our goal is to show the world the benefits and quality of coffee that these beautiful and fertile lands can offer to the world of coffee lovers. Being coffee producers and having the necessary export licenses to the United States, we can offer the necessary quantities that your company may need at the right times and at the most competitive prices in the market, We sell 100% Arabica green coffee beans without any additives. or chemical preservatives from 150 pounds and up.


Our offices in New York are located in Suffolk County, Long Island. We would like to have the opportunity to bring you a sample of our product so that you can try it, if you are interested in this proposal please let us know to schedule a visit. at the most suitable time for you. I thank you in advance for all your attention, and also wish you all the successes in your business.



Chris Duffoo

Commercial Director




Item Form:                       Whole Bean

Brand:                              Rustikane Coffee

Roast Level:                     Medium Roast

Flavor:                              Maple/Chocolate/Plum

Caffeine Content:             Caffeinated

Bean/Form:                      100% Arabica



REGION: Intibuca, Honduras

The average altitude in the Intibuca region of Honduras is around 1,300 to 1,500 meters above sea level, which makes coffee cultivation exquisite. Flavor profiles at this height tend to be more chocolaty and spice-flavored, and coffee lovers can expect to find hints of wine and vanilla in their brew. Intibuca also enjoys favorable rainfall and warm temperatures during the harvest season, which runs from December to April. Rustikane Coffee is taking the best of this land, for its benefit, that of its people and its consumers.

CUPPING NOTES: Maple/Chocolate/Plum

Medium body with undertones of maple and honeysuckle, notes of sweet chocolate and nuts, with a bright, balanced citric acidity and abundant fruit flavors. 100% Arabica

Unroasted Coffee Beans

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