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Rustikane is a family business inspired by the creation of rustic-style wooden products to place and display our two favorite drinks, coffee and wine.

These products are creative and innovative, and also very useful. Each piece is handcrafted with patience and love, so that in your home it shines with every detail of the feeling that the entire Rustikane team gives when we build each product.

Being 100% handmade, no piece is the same as the other. This makes each of our products as unique as the home environment in which it will be brilliantly displayed.

We love wood and we try to put all of our positive energy into every product we build. We love what we do ... that's why when one of our products finds its place in your home, we feel like we've accomplished our mission to make your home a more beautiful place to live.

When you purchase a product from us, you contribute to the growth of local wood artisans, our production is exclusive to La Barraca US.

Thank you for visiting us and for helping us to be part of the passion of creating unique pieces for your home, because ... you deserve it.

Chris Duffoo

Designer & Owner

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